Pilates Mat

A series of floor exercises designed to strengthen the whole body while encouraging proper breathing, alignment and muscular control. The teachers create a class that is safe and effective for each participant. No prerequisites required.

Hard Core Mat/Foam Roller 

This class incorporates the foam roller into the mat exercise series to increase the intensity of the workout and challenge your balance. This is a full body workout. No previous experience needed.

Equipment Class / Reformer / Tower / Chair

These Pilates apparatus classes enhances your workout by using the support and resistance of spring tension. They improve muscular balance, strength and coordination. This is a full body workout. 

Jumpboard / Reformer

This exciting new class is a great way to increase your heart rate while reducing the impact forces on your joints. The jumpboard is an accessory to the reformer that increases the intensity of the workout. Lower body strengthening is emphasized as well as footwork. No prerequisites required.

Ultimate Pilates Mat

This class really mixes things up. It is a standing Pilates class that combines elements of balance and strength. It gives a different perspective on the traditional exercises when you do them standing. We finish up with a series of traditional Pilates exercises on the mat with stretching and arm work. A fantastic total body workout.

Pilates Fit - Circuit & Core Training

Add another dimension to your fitness program. This class is a series of circuits including a lower body leg/hip workout, upper body workout for shoulders, back, chest and arms and a core workout to complete the total body experience.  We finish the class on the mat with a series of traditional Pilates exercise to increase your mobility. Improve your footwork, movement and agility. Great conditioning for tennis and golf. All levels.

Suspended Pilates/TRX & Reformer Class

This class will feature a full body workout using the TRX suspension straps and the Reformer. It is great for all levels. This workout will challenge your balance, strength and endurance. Previous Reformer experience preferred but not required.

Equipment Combo

This class uses a combination of The Pilates Reformer, Chair and Tower for a full body workout.  It is great for anyone who wants to workout on multiple pieces of equipment in one session. Previous reformer experience required (either beginner reformer or a minimum of 2 individual sessions).

Tennis Conditioning Workout

This is a circuit class that uses Pilates equipment as well as stability balls, elastic bands, medicine balls, BOSUs and other small apparatus. Strengthen the shoulders & hips to increase stroke power. Improve your posture, balance, alignment and core strength. Enhance full body coordination and range of motion to improve your reaction time and footwork. Prevent injuries by creating balance and symmetry in your body. Exercises are sport specific.

Tennis Conditioning Workout for Teens

This class if for the young athlete who wants to increase core strength, coordination and range of motion to improve reaction time, footwork and balance. It is a circuit class that uses Pilates equipment, elastic bands, BOSUs, medicine balls and other small apparatus. Improve fitness and decrease risk of injury. 55 minutes.

BOSU Cardio Core
This class will get you up and moving. It focuses on training  to move efficiently and effectively, improving balance and body awareness (functional training). It takes core training to a higher more effective level. (The BOSU is a half stability ball)