"My wife convinced me to try Pilates as a way to shore up my ailing lower back. I had been suffering from chronic back pain and sciatica, and was looking for a non-surgical option to provide relief. In the past three years working with Denise, I have never had another back episode, and I have been able to get back to playing basketball and golf. Unfortunately, my yard work chores have returned too..."

Daniel L.

"Great classes! Great Instructor! Pilates is the ONLY exercise that has managed to keep my back problems at bay. Two years and counting!"

Larry S.

"As an active senior, I have found that the Pilates exercises can be adjusted to each person's capabilities. The classes and personal attention have kept me more limber and stronger than I have ever expected to be at my age."

Alice H.

"I love Espiral Pilates! Denise makes the class workouts enjoyable yet challenging... and there are so many classes to choose from. I also do private sessions. Denise's vast knowledge of how the body should move with her extensive knowledge of Pilates exercises have netted me great results! Her positive attitude and motivation make the Pilates experience unsurpassed!"

Donna B.

"Taking Pilates with Denise H. over the past four years has given me so much energy and ease of movement. I see it when I play tennis and in everyday activities (mostly keeping up with the kids). Denise is an avid tennis player and has customized exercises for me that has greatly helped my game. I enjoy all of her classes. Highly recommended."

Denise B.

"I am so glad that I finally found my way back to Pilates! Had it not been for you, I'm not sure it would have happened. I look forward to my workouts and can see how my strength, balance, flexibility, and self confidence have improved. It all translates to a better tennis game! Thanks."

Beth C.

"I started Pilates after an injury in the traditional gym, and Denise was right there from the start helping me heal. I thought I knew a lot about using my body from yoga and gym workouts, but over the years she has opened my eyes to many new ways of thinking about strength and movement. Her deep knowledge of Pilates and the Franklin Method are a perfect blend, and she uses that knowledge to meet each client just where they are. Since working with Denise, I am more flexible, have more usable strength, and I haven't injured myself even once!"

Ray H.